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Are you in search of an exceptional venue to bring your group? Whether you're looking to find a new venue for your next work outing or want a classy venue for your bachelorette party, our welcoming ambiance combines delectable fresh sushi with captivating live jazz music, promising an unforgettable experience that will linger in everyone's memories for years to come!


If your friends are music enthusiasts and love deliciously fresh sushi, Maxan Jazz is the right place! While Las Vegas boasts numerous live entertainment venues, none compare to the uniqueness of our establishment. Whether you're a devoted jazz enthusiast or simply seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable night out, Maxan Jazz in Las Vegas is the destination of choice. We pride ourselves on finding only the best Jazz musicians and singers in Las Vegas to deliver an exceptional musical experience.


Our venue showcases incredible live music six nights a week, featuring a diverse range of jazz, blues, and Latin styles, all set within an elegant yet comfortable ambiance. Additionally, our sushi dining experience is second to none, with our executive sushi chefs, both former Nobu chefs, crafting a menu that revolves around seasonal ingredients, ensuring the use of only the freshest and most flavorful components available.


Maxan Jazz is only minutes from the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the heart of Sin City, meaning you won't have to travel far from the excitement Las Vegas is known for! Come and immerse yourself in an evening at our recently renovated sushi and jazz club, and you'll quickly see what sets Maxan Jazz apart and makes it truly exceptional.


To book an event or reserve space for your friend group, email or call us at 702-485-3926.

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