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MEET MAX & ANGIE, owners of Las Vegas’ newest jazz establishment, Maxan Jazz Club. Originally from Indonesia, Max Wirjo moved to the United States in 1982 to follow a career in medicine, initially at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, then relocating to Los Angeles, CA, where he eventually became the Director of Integrated Pain Medicine with the Kaiser Foundation. Angie, a Championship badminton player who is originally from Indonesia as well, actually met Max here, in the United States, at the 2004 US Open Championships. They fell in love and were married just one year later!

Both Max and Angie LOVE to travel, experience different cuisines, and listen to live music whenever possible. So upon Max’s retirement in 2012, they decided that Las Vegas, the “Entertainment Capitol of the World,” would be the perfect place to relocate, enjoy their retirement, and explore this next phase of their lives.

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Fun fact: Maxan Jazz Club in Las Vegas is actually not Max’s first venture into owning a jazz club. In 2017, Max traveled back to his home country of Indonesia and opened Max Jazz @ D Club, featuring live jazz music nightly, performed by the absolute best musicians from Surabaya and Jakarta, as well as many international artists gracing its stage. In 2019, Max began negotiations to open a 2nd club, in Bali this time; unfortunately, the 2020 pandemic had other plans for Max & Angie.


Finding themselves back in Las Vegas, the couple soon realized that the perfect spot for their next club should be right here at home…in LAS VEGAS, of course!! But this time, they knew they wanted to do something a bit different. In addition to showcasing the absolute BEST in jazz music, featuring both local and touring artists, they also wanted to provide an amazing DINING experience at the same time (something they often found lacking in many of the jazz clubs they’d visited around the world). Believing strongly that the food they serve should be just as exquisite as the talent they present, Max sought out the absolute best Nobu-style sushi chefs in Las Vegas to help him design his new menu (view our MENU here).


When it came to naming this new Sushi & Jazz club, Max had originally hoped to use the name of their first club, Max Jazz, to build on their brand; however, they would soon discover that the name was already taken by a small record label located in St. Louis, Missouri (who knew?!?!). SO, they decided on the next best thing: to combine the first few letters of both of their names, Max and Angie, into one. And just like that, “Maxan Jazz” was born.

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Featuring incredible LIVE music, 5 nights a week, in a variety of different Jazz, Blues & Latin styles, along with UPSCALE sushi dining utilizing only the freshest of ingredients, all in a comfortable yet SOPHISTICATED atmosphere…THAT’S what Maxan Jazz is all about!

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